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Updated December 14th, 2010, 12:18 PM IST


General Fund 2008 – 2009

Sl. No Name  of  the  work Amount  Allotted (Rs.in  Lakhs) Stage  of  the  Work 1 Widening B.T.Road With Seal coat to the Road at CSI church to Thummichampatty Kaliyamman Kovil. 4.00 Work  Completed 2 Extension of Pipe Line at Dharapuram Main road to Naganampatti (via) Sangupillaiputhur 5.40 Work  Completed 3 Extension of Pipe at 13th […]

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General Fund 2007- 2008

Sl. No Name  of  the  work Amount  Allotted (Rs.in  Lakhs) Stage  of  the  Work 1 Construction of Culverts & Bridges in Cut Streets and Bagavan Kovil Streets at Naganampatty in 1st Ward 0.80 Work  Completed 2 5th Ward – Providing CC Pavement with Drain at Lakhsmi House to Nagamman Kovil. 1.40 Work  Completed 3 3rd […]

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Bus Stand

The present bus-stand is situated at Dindigul- Palani Main Road. The Bus-Stand caters to an average number of 350 buses per day. The town is well connected with the surrounding major urban centres as well as villages by the bus routes. Though the bus stand has been modernised   to facilitate the passengers by providing for […]

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Ward and Street details

Ward No. Ward Code Street Code Street Name 1 WD-01 01 Chellappagoundanpudur 02 Naganampatty 03 Sangupillaipudur 04 K.K.Nagar 2 WD-02 01 Periyanchettipatty 02 Erulakkudambanpatty 03 A.P.P  Colony 3 WD-03 01 Dindigul –  Palani  Salai (North  Side) 4 WD-04 01 Dindigul – Palani Salai (South Side) 5 WD-05 01 Gandhinagar  East Side 6 WD-06 01 Gandhinagar  […]

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Notified Slum Details

The population of the notified  Slum is 3927.  The  Male  population  is  2334  and  the  Female  population  is  1593.  In  Oddanchatram  Municipality  9  slums  are  notified  slums. Sl.No Name  of  the  Slum Ward No. 1 Sangupillai  Pudhur 1 2 Irulakudumbanpatti 2 3 Thideer  Nagar 5 4 Gandhi  Nagar 6 5 Thummichampatty A.D.Colony 15 6 Sathya  […]

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