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Vegetable market

A small town in the Dindigul district of Tamil nadu, Oddanchatram is noted for its large production of commodities such as vegetables, fruits and flowers.  Situated at the base of Kodai Hills, the Oddanchatram market derives its vegetable and fruit stock from the plains and hills of the region. After the produce is auctioned it is sent to urban markets in Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and even Maharashtra. Click here to learn more & Click here to get Oddanchatram vegetable agency profiles & check out updated vegetable market commodities here.

Curd Market

Our Town have Curd Marker which is based on White Revolution. In the road of  Dharapuram, Our curd market is situated. where many processes are going, like cheese formation, ghee processing and curd processing too. Major cities are getting use of our Curd. Some are Chennai, Trivandrum, Cochin, Bangalore, and so on. Click here to learn more.

Dairy market

Mr. Gothandrama Reddiar is one of the most famous people in Oddanchatram Dairy market. He is known to all because of the noble deed he did back in the 80’s. Oddanchatram raw dairy product organization was established on 22/08/1987. At that time, when the organization was looking for land. At that point of time Mr. Gothandarama Reddiar donated his 4 Acre land to the dairy. Click here to learn more.

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