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Updated June 4th, 2013, 06:49 PM IST

Dindigul District Email Directory

Posted on June 4th, 2013 at 06:49 PM

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    1 DISTRICT COLLECTOR collrdgl@tn.nic.in   collr.tndgl@nic.in
    2 SDC (Public Grievance Redress Cell) griev.tndgl@nic.in
    3 Revenue Department – PA(General) landrev.tndgl@nic.in
    4 Project Officer, DRDA drda.tndgl@nic.in
    5 Executive Engineer (Rural Develop.) eerd.tndgl@nic.in
    6 Adi-Drawida Welfare Officer distadi.tndgl@nic.in
    7 Public Relation Officer distitd.tndgl@nic.in
    8 Social Welfare Officer distswnm.tndgl@nic.in
    9 District Planning Cell dpc.tndgl@nic.in
    10 PA (Small Savings) savings.tndgl@nic.in
    11 AD (Statistics) distpnd.tndgl@nic.in
    12 District Election Cell elect.tndgl@nic.in
    13 Joint Registrar (Co-op) jrcoop.tndgl@nic.in
    14 RJD (Animal Husbandry) rjdah.tndgl@nic.in
    15 AD (Mines) geomine.tndgl@nic.in
    16 APO, DPAP dpap.tndgl@nic.in
    17 Backward Classes Welfare Officer dbcwo.tndgl@nic.in
    18 AD (Survey) survey.tndgl@nic.in
    19 PA (Panchayat Development) @nic.in
    20 AD (Town Panchayat) townpan.tndgl@nic.in
    21 District Revenue Officer dro.tndgl@nic.in
    22 District Supply Officer dso.tndgl@nic.in
    23 AC (Excise) sexcise.tndgl@nic.in
    24 Conservator of Forests cf.tndgl@nic.in  
    25 District  Forest Office dfo.tndgl@nic.in  
    26 Joint Director (Agriculture) jdagr.tndgl@nic.in
    27 TN Integrated Nutrition Project tinp.tndgl@nic.in
    28 JD (Rural Health), Govt. Hospital jdhealth.tndgl@nic.in
    29 DD (Health), Dindigul disthlth.tndgl@nic.in
    30 District Family Welfare dfw.tndgl@nic.in
    31 TN Civil Supplies Corporation tncsc.tndgl@nic.in
    32 District Industries Centre dic.tndgl@nic.in
    33 TN Medical Stores Corporation tnmsc12@md01.vsnl.net.in
    34 District Lead Bank mdudindigulldb@canarabank.co.in
    35 GRI (Computer Centre) gricc@sancharnet.in
    36 TNSTC (MDU-Div.IV), Dindigul tnstc.dgl@gems.vsnl.net.in
    37 District Rehabilitation Officer rehab.tndgl@nic.in
    38 TAHDCO thadco.tndgl@nic.in
    39 District Treasury Officer treasury.tndgl@nic.in
    40 Dindigul Central Co-op Bank dglccb@sancharnet.in 
    41 Institute of Tools Engineering ite.tndgl@nic.in
    42 Agricultural Engineering agriengg.tndgl@nic.in
    43 TWAD (Rural Water Supply) mdu_eerwsdgl@sancharnet.in
    44 District Registrar, Dindigul drodindugal@tnreginet.net
    45 District Registrar,  Palani dropalani@tnreginet.net
    46 Chief Education Office distsedu.tndgl@nic.in
    47 Sarva Siksha Abhyan O/o CEO ssa.tndgl@nic.in
    48 Dist. Elementary Education, Dgl deeo.tndgl@nic.in
    49 Dindigul Taluk Office dgltlk.tndgl@nic.in
    50 Nilakkottai Taluk Office nkt_tlk@sancharnet.in
    51 Natham Taluk Office nathamtlk@sancharnet.in
    52 Palani Taluk Office tahsildarpalani@sancharnet.in
    53 Oddanchatram Taluk Office talukodc@sancharnet.in
    54 Vedasandur Taluk Office vdrtlk.tndgl@nic.in
    55 Kodaikkanal Taluk Office kkltahr@sancharnet.in
    56 Revenue Divl. Officer, Dindigul dglrdo.tndgl@nic.in
    57 Revenue Divl. Officer, Palani rdopalani@sancharnet.in
    58 Revenue Divl. Officer, Kodaikkanal kklrdo.tndgl@nic.in
    59 Block Devl. Officer, Dindigul dinblock.tndgl@nic.in
    60 Block Devl. Officer, Athoor athblock.tndgl@nic.in
    61 Block Devl. Officer, Sanarpatti sanblock.tndgl@nic.in
    62 Block Devl. Officer, Reddiyarchatram redblock.tndgl@nic.in
    63 Block Devl. Officer, Natham natblock.tndgl@nic.in
    64 Block Devl. Officer, Nilakottai nilblock.tndgl@nic.in
    65 Block Devl. Officer, Batlakundi batblock.tndgl@nic.in
    66 Block Devl. Officer, Kodaikannal kodblock.tndgl@nic.in
    67 Block Devl. Officer, Palani palblock.tndgl@nic.in
    68 Block Devl. Officer, Oddanchatram oddblock.tndgl@nic.in
    69 Block Devl. Officer, Thoppampatti thoblock.tndgl@nic.in
    70 Block Devl. Officer, Vedasandur vedblock.tndgl@nic.in
    71 Block Devl. Officer, Vadamadurai vadblock.tndgl@nic.in
    72 Block Devl. Officer, Guziliyamparai guzblock.tndgl@nic.in
    73 Municipal Commissioner, Dindigul commdgl@sify.com
    74 Municipal Commissioner, Palani palcom@eth.net
    75 Municipal Commissioner, Kodaikkanal kodaicom@eth.net
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