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Updated April 5th, 2013, 12:07 AM IST

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Posted on March 31st, 2010 at 02:00 PM and last modified on April 5th, 2013 at 12:07 am

Oddanchatram [In tamil: ஒட்டன்சத்திரம்] is a place  of happening  with one of the largest Vegetable and Curd Market . Oddanchatram is a Taluk in Dindigul District, Tamil Nadu in India. Oddanchatram has an excellent scenic view with the perfect blend of Western Ghats, a wonderful background set by nature (along with the Palani hills and Pachalur hills). Green vegetation everywhere and man-made sky towering buildings. As it is located at the seat of Western Ghats, crawling and playing of the mesmerizing clouds provide a fantastic feast to the eyes of the nature lovers.

Oddanchatram covers thickly populated 57 revenue villages with the multifarious people and profession. The agronomy based on crop rotation is the facilitated by the wonderful weather condition along with the spinning season. As a result copious amount of vegetables and agro products has been harvested. Oddanchatram vegetable market occupies the red lettered page in the diary of agro related trade and commerce of Tamil Nadu.

Cattle, the biggest supporters of the farmers also serve as the second major income giver to the farmer. Dairy products yielded in the areas have earned an excellent market value. Curd market is one of the notable landmarks of Oddanchatram. Ghee and buttermilk from these areas holds the special place in the dairy market. Cattle market of Oddanchatram is as famous as the stock market in Mumbai. The mega show of the cattle for sales is been conducted on every Monday and Thursday.

One of the important tools needed to facilitate all these selling, buying marketing etc. is transportation facility is available in abundant enhancing all the major business, an important exchanges to a major extent.

General Information

Area : 13.05  sq. km
Population : 85498
Temperature : Max. Min.
Winter : 30° c 24.5° c
Summer : 39° c 26.0° c
Rain fall : 770 mm
Season : Throughout the year
Languages spoken : Tamil and English

Transportation Linkages:

Oddanchatram Municipality is well connected with other cities & town like coimbatore, Palani, Dindigul, Pollachi, Thiruppur, Dharapuram. It is also well connected with Palghat – Coimbatore – Dindigul Railway line. Near by Airports are at Madurai (85 km) and Coimbatore (110 km).

Emerging an excellent landscape, with an enhancement of everything “The Place you will be proud to call yours” [GLORIOUS PLACE WITH GREENS].

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